Day 52: Explosions rock downtown Dallas

It seems that most major disasters seem to occur on days that people describe as, “It was a beautiful morning.” This morning was just that. A few weeks ago, I shifted my morning commute from the DART rail to driving I-30. Because my work schedule has kept me later and later, I convinced myself driving was safer than riding the light rail.

Between snacking on a fruit bowl and a biscuit, I noticed a very faint cloud of smoke in the distance. Little did I know, by the time I reached it, it would be an exploding fireball.  Continue reading

Day 45: Troy Dungan, the man behind the bowtie

“I wonder what they’re like in person?” We’ve all heard rumors and stories about what our favorite television personalities are like off-camera. Some can be primadonnas, others are consummate professionals. There are many tried and true, genuine people out there and WFAA’s Troy Dungan is one of them.

As I blogged earlier, I have been amazed at the family-like atmosphere at Channel 8. Troy is certainly the rock upon which those values are built. The chief “weatherman” has been welcomed into DFW’s homes each night for 31 years. Known for his trade mark bow ties and warm smile, it’s not hard to “Trust Troy.”

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Day 37: Interesting alternatives to traditional burials

How do you want to be remembered in death? The end of life is often a taboo topic, something people don’t frequently discuss, except out of necessity.

For many, dealing with death can be an especially troubling time because few are adequately prepared for a loved one’s passing. Losing someone special, particularly if they’re young, is an extremely painful experience to overcome.

However, a growing number of people are finding ways to memorialize life and memories, rather than sorrow. Many are planning their own memorials, some of which are far from traditional.

Do you want to have a religious service and burial or do you plan to be cremated? Not creative enough for your personality? How about having your ashes launched into space on board a rocket?

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Day 31: God Bless the USA

Happy Independence Day everyone! I’m taking a much-needed trip home to visit family in Louisiana for the remainder of the week. I’ll be back first thing Monday with more news and views. By then, I’ll also up-to-date on my “back-posting,” so look for new posts.

July will mark my second month at WFAA, which means it’s the beginning of the end. I should be completing the internship by the end of July.

Again, I appreciate your support and interest. Go enjoy your 4th and reflect on what it means to be an American!

Day 29: Protecting airports, starting at the curb

Many people live in fear because they believe their lives are in constant danger. I ride mass transit, go out in public, and visit large arenas and landmarks. I do not, however, take unnecessary risks when it comes to my personal safety.

When we stop living in the spirit of “pursuing the American Dream,” we may as well wave a white flag of surrender.

Events such as the recent bombing in Glasgow remind us of our vulnerabilities. I pray that the U.S. is spared another 9/11, however, we must continue to take steps to ensure our safety on all fronts, at home and abroad. Those who seek harm to the U.S. will work to find every weak link in the chain of protection.

Today, we spent the day exploring security measures at DFW International Airport, the world’s third busiest airport. We looked at what steps the airport has taken since 9/11 to beef up security and protect against possible attacks. Continue reading