More than 50 thousand demonstrators pack tiny Louisiana town

Thousands of marchers gathered in Jena, Louisiana on Thursday to rally support for Mychal Bell, one of six black students initially charged with attempted murder for the beating of a white classmate. Charges were eventually dropped against five of the teens, while Bell still sits behind bars awaiting trial. I traveled to Jena with my crew from NSU22 to cover the march.

They came from all corners of the country, marching in step behind a unified voice.  Almost 50 thousand people rallied around equal justice for the Jena Six. The tension branched from a tree at Jena High School, where normally only white students could sit under its shade. When black students spoke out, nooses were found hanging from the branches. White students responsible for the act were punished by school administrators, while six black students faced felony assault charges for beating up a white classmate over the incident. Continue reading

New semester, new ideas

Upon arrival in Natchitoches in early August, I hit the ground running with re-tooling my duties with NSU22 News. I planned to return to anchoring this fall, but a class conflict will prevent me from scheduling around the newscast. This may prove to be a favorable coincidence because I have been named to the investigative beat as well as government reporting. This will provide me with ample opportunity to sharpen my skills in both of these areas. I have a few topics here at NSU that I’ll be investigating to see if I can uncover any interesting findings. Continue reading