Meet Raymond Strother: The Father of Political Consulting

Using the word “colorful” to describe Louisiana’s political scene has become so cliché. With grandiose political personalities in every corner of the country from Senator Robert Byrd, to Governor Schwarzenegger and Senators Larry Craig and Ted Kennedy, Louisiana isn’t the only state with famous politicians. Louisiana, however, still maintains control of its own style of government. If American politics is “colorful,” then Louisiana is like a page ripped from a three-year-old’s coloring book. Imagine the picture- smudges and scribbles using each crayon in the box, without no attempt to stay inside the lines.

For someone looking for unmatched career experience related to government, there’s no better place. The good, the bad, the ugly; they all co-exist beautifully in what we call “The Bayou State.”

Louisiana has produced its fair share of decent, honest public servants, along with back-room, wheeling and dealing scoundrels. Sometimes it just depends if you’re a “half-empty” or “half-full” type of person.

Climbing the political ladder isn’t as simple as having name recognition and a sizeable war chest.  While the candidate provides the raw elements, political consultants help paint a picture using the most vibrant qualities they can muster.  From newspaper and television ads to polling and focus groups, targeting specific groups using persuasive communication is essential to mounting a legitimate political campaign. Continue reading

From the Town Talk: “Greeks Work to Change Stereotype”

It’s no secret that the Greek System at NSU is going through a rough patch. Low recruitment, retention, and accountability are among some of the biggest obstacles. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. Some very capable student leaders are at the helm of their respective organizations. Comittment to philanthropic service and academic excellence are two strengths credited to NSU’s Greeks. Last week Mandy Goodnight , a reporter with the Alexandria Town Talk was on campus at NSU to profile the progress being made to tear down negative stereotypes of fraternities and sororities.

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