My photographic journey hits bookshelves

I’ve always had a love and respect for documentary photography. As a journalist, I appreciate quality storytelling. I think a powerful photograph or visual medium is an incredible means for creatively telling a story without leading the observer.

I’ve always enjoyed photographing the natural beauty of historic Natchitoches, Louisiana, so I’ve assembled my favorite shots into a published book. Click here to preview or purchase Natchitoches: Birthplace of Louisiana.

Meet the woman known as ‘The Armless Marvel’

I’d like to introduce you to someone with a truly incredible story of overcoming adversity and appreciating the abilities of all people. I’ve never met the subject of this story, but we could all learn something from her.

I’ve worked for the Natchitoches Convention and Visitors Bureau for almost four years. Our office is situated in historic downtown Natchitoches, in a small stucco and brick building built in the early 20th century. For the first 40 years of that century, it was occupied by an artist with incredible talent. Continue reading is news without the blues

Chris Ghanbari, a young professional I worked with at WFAA in Dallas last summer, is co-founding a new website aimed at providing a different angle of news coverage for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. will aim to tell stories that might sometimes fall through the cracks amidst the wall-to-wall coverage of car chases and murders.

This team of young journalists comes from a variety of expertise areas, which will certainly be a strength of the operation. Ghanbari along with reporter Jessica Trober, who was most recently working with CW33 in Dallas, recently drove to Natchitoches to interview me for an upcoming story. Continue reading

Is texting messaging helping or hurting our ability to communicate?

No, an international “thumb war” craze hasn’t hit America, but text messaging seems to be giving us a workout. This simple form of communication has evolved faster than anyone could have imagined.  Billions of short messages are sent each year, with unbridled growth expected in the future.  Do your thumbs hurt already?

Most of you would probably agree that texting has helped simplify communication.  Sending a short message eliminates the “daunting” task of picking up a phone, dialing a number, and actually vocalizing thoughts.  Text messaging has eliminated the need to interrupt someone’s activity only to ask a simple question or give a reminder.  It’s become a matter of convenience.  You can respond to messages when you have the opportunity, unlike a nagging ring that ends only when you answer the call.

It seems though, that texting has shifted from a secondary method to a primary form of communication.   What started out as a means for relaying statements like “I’ll be home a little late” has become primers like “What are you doing?”

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