Governor Jindal vetoes legislative pay raise

Governor Bobby JindalToday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal vetoed Senate Bill 672, which would have more than doubled the salaries of state legislators.  The bill would have increased legislator’s pay from $16 thousand a year to over $37 thousand.

Sponsored by Senator Ann Duplessis of New Orleans, the bill originally proposed tripling legislator pay.  That proposition was later amended to only double the increase.  If the bill had been signed into law, Louisiana legislators would be among the highest paid in the South. Continue reading

NBC News’ Tim Russert dead at 58

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images for Meet the Press

I was just informed of the death of Tim Russert, long-time moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press.  As we approach Father’s Day on Sunday, I can’t help but think of the many stories I remember hearing in interviews about his close relationship with his father.  This is certainly very sad news to learn.

Pursuing a “mid-year resolution”

Who needs January 1st to resolve to make change in your life? Most people break their New Year’s resolution within a week or two. In January I didn’t make a traditional “resolution,” but I made a conscious effort to be healthier.

Many people set out to lose weight, quit smoking, or get fit for their spring vacations. Since none of those apply to me, I only wanted to feel like I was living healthier. It sounds earnest, but what exactly is “healthier?” Trips to fast food places, operating on little sleep, and letting stress pile up were the first things I tackled. Cooking nutritious meals and getting quality sleep were a bit easier than I expected.

For the most part, my new, healthier lifestyle lasted about a month. Unfortunately the stresses of school, work, and my personal life made it all too easy for excuses.

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