An update on my “Going Green” success

After a little searching and planning, my efforts to go green have been met with some success. In my last post, I discussed my frustration with not being able to participate in curbside recycling. Unfortunately, I’m not eligible for a recycling canister to be placed curbside.

I called Shreveport Green, which suggested I save my recyclables and bring them to the recycling center for collection. Still feeling motivated to make a difference, I bought an outdoor trash can with a lid to place outside on my patio.  I’ve been saving all my recyclable plastics, glass, paper and cardboard. Continue reading

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State

What will likely be remembered as one of the longest and most unpredictable presidential races in history is nearing an end. With absentee voting already underway, voter turnout could reach levels exceeding the record turnout in the 1960 presidential election between John Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

Until recently, this campaign cycle actually focused on issues, rather than mudslinging candidates and media mediation. For many of the candidates, campaigning started almost two years ago. It’s hard to believe we’ve been talking politics for this long. Issues like immigration, rebuilding the image of America abroad, social security, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Interestingly, both candidates were written off in the early stages of the race. Barack Obama was pounded by front-runner Hillary Clinton and John McCain’s campaign was disorganized and almost bowed-out altogether. Now the media refuses to hold the candidates to the issues and is pandering to their own wants by turning this into an extended episode of Entertainment Tonight. Continue reading