Giving thanks this Turkey Day

“What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?” It’s one of those unavoidable questions like “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” or “What are you asking Santa for?”. I’m usually avoid things that scream cliche, but I’d say it’s a fair question.  For me, I’m usually thankful for things like my family and good health; true blessings that have been consistent in my life.

This Thanksgiving, for reasons which many of you are aware, I am particularly thankful for my many friends who have helped me through an “interesting” past 2 months. Unique circumstances motivated several individuals to come running to my rescue.  Others generously offered advice and encouragement.  I was amazed at how quickly my situation became the priority of so many. Ultimately things worked out and I wound out on top of the world.  I’m surrounded by true friends and approaching a new and exciting opportunity. To each of you, I thank you.  Here I stand, humbled and grateful, Lane Luckie.

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Voting is becoming big business for non-partisan companies

Can you measure the value of a vote? Does each one really count? Obviously in 2008, a person’s right to vote is held in high regard. With two days left until the election, early and absentee voting numbers have been staggering. This trend will probably carry over into the turnout numbers for the general election.

Do most people go to the polls because they recognize their civic duty or because they want to support ideas that will shape their futures? I would speculate that most have commendable motives for getting out the vote.

I voted early on Saturday mainly because it was an option. I know the lines on November 4th will probably be filled with men and women who only have an hour off of work to cast their vote. Continue reading