Opinion: Why do women love ‘The Bachelor?’

Maybe this is one of those “it’s a girl thing,” that as a guy, I will never understand. I was amazed tonight by the number of people in the newsroom gathered around the TV to watch the finale of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor.’ I’m guilty of having my own pseudo-obsession with certain shows in the past, but I just don’t understand what draws women to ‘The Bachelor.’

We all know that the guys and girls on the show are going to fuel each drama-filled episode, so why is there any surprise over tonight’s show ending in someone dumped on national TV? I don’t think anyone’s foolish for watching the show; that’s not at all what I’m implying. I knew the show was “Must-See TV” when a my Facebook feed exploded with comments on the outcome. Here are some of the Facebook statuses I found about tonight’s show:

  • Kara Smith Austin just finished watching The Bachelor and I hope Molly dumps him and he is alone forever. Shame on ABC for airing that BS. What a waste of my time. Whiney!
  • G’Nai Blakemore is wondering does ANYONE stay together on The Bachelor…besides the ONE couple who made it, Trista and Ryan?!
  •  Kathy Swateis thinking i am the only female who does not care about the Bachelor.
  • Angi Finimore thinks Jason is nothing but a big fat cry baby. TEAM MELISSA!!! I am glad she told him off!
  • Stacey Meyer just wasted half of her life away watching The Bachelor!!
  • Brianne Fischer is laughing at all of the bachelor statuses/comments…
  • Courtney Carnahan is glad how the Bachelor ended up but it was the typical guy move not knowing what they want!
  • Brittney Fink is I knew Molly was the one!! Dumb men… I tell ya.
  • Kayla Porchewants to throw something at jason as he walks down the street….
  • Jeni Anderson is seriously Jason! you are an idiot!
  • Megan Rabalaisis going to be like every girl in america on facebook right now…I HATE JASON!!!
  • Kayla Busby ONeal HATES the Bachelor! totally regretting getting into this show! I heart Melissa.
  • Jessica Philbrookthinks Jason the bachelor is an &$*&#$! Who does that on tv?????
  • Eva Sterling is hating the bachelor!! I would have kept that ring!
  • Jessica Nicole Cavanaughthinks that Jason is the fakest Bachelor ever… how could he let Melissa go?!? True love doesn’t exist.
  • Mallory McGough HATES the Bachelor…you suck at life Jason!
  • Haylie Lewis knew Jason’s plan to dump Melissa on national TV and go back to Molly all along!! What a jerk!!
  • Haley Chambliss thinks the Bachelor is STUPID!!!!
  • Haley Weeksdoes not like the bachelor anymore. jason is lame!
  • DeShae Hughesis just like EVERY other girl in America!! Really, Bachelor!!??!? Even though i DID love Molly too…Nat’l tv!!?? Unneccessary!!!!!!!
  • Brittany Abateis really hating jason!! I still love Melissa!
  • Brooke Bartholomew can’t believe Jason!! REALLY!? the bachelor is a sissy!

So what is the big deal about the Bachelor? Is it just a fun way to spend an hour each week? Is it an accurate reflection of today’s relationships? Is the show scripted? I want to know. Post your responses below.

The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of KTRE/KLTV-TV or Raycom Media.  They are solely the opinion of the author. All content © Copyright 2009 Lane Luckie

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  1. mad at america says:

    shows like this make idiocracy (the movie) a possible future .

    thanks a lot you non life having losers..this includes my wife


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