Finding a way to fight students’ refusal to read

When was the last time you picked up a book? Could there be a reason behind today’s schoolkids not having much motivation to get lost in a book?

Every once-in-a-while, we’re all entitled to a break from work, a well-deserved day of vacation. When it’s not a week-long get-away, what do you do with just one extra day added to your weekend?

I decided to make good on some much-needed household chores and personal errands. I spent my extended weekend in the “Regional Hub”, good old Lufkin. Of course I tackled my to-do list first thing Saturday morning. Somehow I finished my projects by Sunday evening, leaving me with no plans for Monday.

I’ve always been an avid reader, but with a particularly busy schedule the past few months, my favorite books have collected dust on the shelf. I picked out a book about the colorful side of Louisiana politics and kicked back in a chair on my patio. Continue reading