Larger than life: Remembering Congressman Charlie Wilson

The novel and movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” immortalized his legacy, but the former congressman’s devotion to East Texas left a story untold on the national stage.

The outpouring of comments, calls, and e-mails made it quite apparent that most every East Texan had at least some memory of Charlie Wilson’s influence. Following his death from cardiac arrest on February 10, 2010, everyone I came in contact with had an opinion of some sort. Many recalled the first time they met Wilson.

Noticeably absent from those conversations, were any ill remarks about the former congressman. Does that suggest that he was without flaw or a past said to be dotted by raucous behavior? Not one of us are without sin. That doesn’t keep most from being simply, “good people.” This was the impression that I got from interacting with a wide sampling of people who knew Charlie Wilson on a more intimate level. Continue reading