Why I’m ‘Proud of East Texas’

The Lone Star of Texas waves in the wind on a beautiful East Texas afternoon.

“Family first:” it may sound like a simple enough philosophy, but I’m certain this is a shared lifestyle for most East Texans. One of the things I love most about East Texas is the values-driven, family-centered lifestyle. My parents and relatives have shown me how these relationships can be a blessing throughout life. I think that’s why East Texas feels so close to home.

No matter where you’re from, “family” could be as close as the next person you see. I know that sounds hokey, but if you stop and look for these things, I think you’ll agree. The real test of character is how people act when no one’s looking.

In our newscasts on KTRE-TV, I particularly enjoy telling others’ stories, especially those that illustrate the beauty of the human spirit. When a tornado ripped through east Lufkin in December, complete strangers left their families on Christmas to help victims rebuild their lives. Continue reading