NASA unveils flashy, futuristic new look for spacesuit prototype


The “Technology” design garnered more than 60 percent of nearly 240,000 votes cast.

NASA is ready to unveil the design of their next-generation spacesuit prototype. Wednesday, the space agency will reveal the winner of a contest on their website put the decision to a public vote.

The futuristic Z-2 suit will make future missions possible to asteroids or the surface of other planets. Some of the improvements under development include: a rear-entry “hatch” that could also dock with a rover, the use of “soft” materials to cut weight and increase mobility, complex joints and a redesigned life support system. While the functional portion of the suit is left up to the expertise of Spacesuit engineers, the look of the covering is a popularity contest.

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Tornado flattens Hopkins Co. homes, businesses; fire station destroyed

Tornado flattens Hopkins Co. homes, businesses; fire station destroyed

Red Cross volunteers walk across debris from a home destroyed by a tornado in Birthright, Texas.

The National Weather Service is expected to survey a nearly five-mile wide debris field to determine if a tornado is responsible for extensive damage in Hopkins County on Thursday, April 3.

A trained storm spotter reported a possible tornado that touched down around 9:15 p.m. Wednesday in the community of Birthright, north of Sulphur Springs. Businesses and homes were flattened, with debris covering roads and scattered across pastures.

Throughout the night, first responders searched homes trying to find anyone in need of medical attention.

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