How to capture spectacular shots on your next flight

The romanticism of flying isn’t lost on commercial flights unless you willingly let it become routine. I fly several times a year and still find each opportunity to take to the skies an exciting adventure. Sure, I find myself reading, listening to music, working, and sleeping at times, but I’m intentional about dedicating a few critical moments on each leg of my trip to simply enjoying the view.

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Day 29: Protecting airports, starting at the curb

Many people live in fear because they believe their lives are in constant danger. I ride mass transit, go out in public, and visit large arenas and landmarks. I do not, however, take unnecessary risks when it comes to my personal safety.

When we stop living in the spirit of “pursuing the American Dream,” we may as well wave a white flag of surrender.

Events such as the recent bombing in Glasgow remind us of our vulnerabilities. I pray that the U.S. is spared another 9/11, however, we must continue to take steps to ensure our safety on all fronts, at home and abroad. Those who seek harm to the U.S. will work to find every weak link in the chain of protection.

Today, we spent the day exploring security measures at DFW International Airport, the world’s third busiest airport. We looked at what steps the airport has taken since 9/11 to beef up security and protect against possible attacks. Continue reading

Day 25: It’s all about perspective

It's all about perspective“Did you see that show the other night? The one where the guy was carrying a bunch of boxes and he kept getting tripped up by different things. He finally fell and everything went flying! That was so funny.”

How many times have you re-told a story that no one found interesting or funny? Sometimes things are only of interest if you were there. Many newsworthy stories are often served up in a “cookie cutter” or “plug and play” manner.

Just because it may seem like a run-of-the-mill story, doesn’t mean that reporters have to treat it as such. I’ve learned to dig for a different angle of a story. The reporter isn’t necessarily changing the story, simply finding a unique viewpoint to share.

It’s our job to find a way to bring the person to the story. These are the stories that people often remember. Continue reading