WATCH: My Vine rewind

As mobile video app Vine prepares for its planned phase-out in January, I’m reflecting on some of my favorite moments. Vine announced this Fall that the service would disable new uploads, but preserve existing videos indefinitely.

I was an early adopter of Vine, downloading the app when it launched in January 2013, however, my first six-second post came two months later. My 249 Vines over nearly four years racked up 269,000 loops (views) and hopefully a few laughs along the way. Some were serious, others were painfully cheesy. People, places, and funny faces provided inspiration for these short creations.

Click the video below to watch my Vines, starting with the most recent.

Tempted to tweet? Twitter is gaining popularity

I’ve joined Twitter, the semi-fledgling social networking site. I need your help in deciding “What next?”

No, this isn’t an attempt at being clever by playing off of my last post. I’ve taken a certain amount of pride in regularly blogging over the past few years. I’ve slowly added new content from other social media outlets, such as my photo album. I’ve seen a flood of co-workers and friends flock to Twitter. It allows users to post a short, 140 character message that often answers the question “What are you doing?”

I was initially hesitant to pursue the challenge of Tweeting, but I now see the benefits, especially in the news world. I’m able to send updates through my mobile phone, which can be helpful in breaking news situations where I don’t have access to a computer or can’t go on-air.

You can view my latest Tweets by clicking here or you can see my Twitter feed on the right side of this page. Do you use Twitter? Let me know what you think… but keep it to 140 characters!

Day 11: No shortage of big news in the ‘Big D’

Time and again we hear stories of criminals caught because of their stupidity — the bank robber who leaves his drivers license behind at the teller window or the thief who takes time to stop and stare into the security camera.

The subject of today’s commentary isn’t quite as clueless as many “bonehead” criminals. My mentor, David Schechter, recently worked on a story about Dallas police arresting a sex offender, out of jail on probation, for using MySpace.

Using the internet, including site like MySpace, violated the terms of the offender’s probation. The arrest may be among the first of its type in the nation.

Several states, including Texas, recently subpoenaed information from MySpace about known sex offenders who use the site.  Continue reading