Preserving a piece of cultural history

What a great honor to have my photo of the 1803 Pacale-Roque House in Natchitoches, Louisiana featured in the Winter issue of 64 Parishes Magazine! The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities put together a nice feature on the restoration and relocation of this architectural and cultural treasure. Built by a man of color who purchased…

Big Bend Ranch: Where solitude meets adventure

Spectacular scenery and unmatched adventure await visitors to Big Bend Ranch State Park. The 300,000-plus-acre park in Presidio and Brewster counties is the largest in Texas. The West Texas desert landscape’s geological features and recreational opportunities draw outdoors enthusiasts from around the country. One of the easiest ways to take-in the vastness of the state…

WATCH: Briarwood Nature Preserve, a natural wonder

Briarwood Nature Preserve, located near Saline, Louisiana, is the birthplace and home of Caroline Dormon, a world renowned naturalist, author, artist and the first woman hired by the United States Forest Service.

My Instagram Top 10: Flowers and foliage

My Instagram account features anything and everything that captures my attention.

I’m curating some of my favorites in a series of posts featuring my favorite Instagram shots.

Discovering history beyond the books

History isn’t as bland of a subject as it’s sometimes portrayed. Many people probably think of a stack of dusty books taking up space in a classroom or library, but I envision a vibrant picture of stories preserved by people, places, and culture. My fascination with learning and preserving the past is the reason I…

How to capture spectacular shots on your next flight

The romanticism of flying isn’t lost on commercial flights unless you willingly let it become routine. I fly several times a year and still find each opportunity to take to the skies an exciting adventure. Sure, I find myself reading, listening to music, working, and sleeping at times, but I’m intentional about dedicating a few…

WATCH: Breathtaking views from the Rockies of southwest Colorado

Some of the most breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains can be found in southwest Colorado. Click here for highlights from my trip to Durango, Silverton, San Juan Mountains, the “Million Dollar Highway,” Ouray, the Animas River, Telluride, and the Dallas Divide.

My photographic journey hits bookshelves

I’ve always had a love and respect for documentary photography. As a journalist, I appreciate quality storytelling. I think a powerful photograph or visual medium is an incredible means for creatively telling a story without leading the observer. I’ve always enjoyed photographing the natural beauty of historic Natchitoches, Louisiana, so I’ve assembled my favorite shots into a published…