My Instagram Top 10: Give me some Space

Among the hundreds of photos populating my Instagram feed are plenty featuring one of my biggest passions — human spaceflight. I’ve curated some of my favorites into this latest in a series of posts I’m calling ‘My Instagram Top 10.’

10. Space Shuttle sits piggyback

9. Columbia’s final flight

8. International Space Station mock-ups

7. NASA’s jumbo jet

6. Meeting Buzz Aldrin

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45 years ago today, Americans accomplished one of the single most important feats in human history, setting foot on the surface of another celestial body for the first time. I can't look at the Moon without thinking, "how wild is it that we've been there?" I've always been inspired by the space program and the promise of what can be accomplished by people working together to pursue their dreams. Got to meet Buzz Aldrin last year, who is a fascinating person. He's still dreaming, wanting the U.S. to focus on a presence on Mars. Thank you Neil, Buzz, & Michael for your courage, paving the way. If we can put a man on the Moon, anything is possible! #NASA‬ ‪#Moon‬ ‪#Apollo45‬ #spaceflight

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5. Space money

4. Time to suit up!

3. Spooky space creation

2. Ready for launch

1. Two if by sea

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