Preserving a piece of cultural history

What a great honor to have my photo of the 1803 Pacale-Roque House in Natchitoches, Louisiana featured in the Winter issue of 64 Parishes Magazine!

The cover of the 2022 Winter Issue of ’64 Parishes’ Magazine, a publication of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.

The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities put together a nice feature on the restoration and relocation of this architectural and cultural treasure.

Built by a man of color who purchased his freedom and that of others, little more is known about Yves Pacale. But his home’s distinct poteaux-en-terre (post in the ground) style, Cypress-shingle overhang roof, bousillage (animal hair, Spanish Moss, and mud) walls, and hand-hewn construction make it one of the only surviving examples of this kind of Creole style French architecture in the U.S.

Since my time working in marketing for the Natchitoches Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, I’ve developed a deep interest in learning about the people of Cane River and Isle Brevelle, their Creole culture, as well as sharing their story with people who visit from around the world.

Work is currently underway to repair damage from a historic flood, as well as to reposition the structure in a more historically accurate orientation along Cane River Lake in downtown Natchitoches. It was moved there in the 1960s from its original location downriver.

This current effort will preserve this structure for generations to come.

You can read the ’64 Parishes’ article here:

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