New semester, new ideas

Upon arrival in Natchitoches in early August, I hit the ground running with re-tooling my duties with NSU22 News. I planned to return to anchoring this fall, but a class conflict will prevent me from scheduling around the newscast.

This may prove to be a favorable coincidence because I have been named to the investigative beat as well as government reporting. This will provide me with ample opportunity to sharpen my skills in both of these areas. I have a few topics here at NSU that I’ll be investigating to see if I can uncover any interesting findings.

I’m taking a Communications Research class that will focus on developing a thesis and problem to study for the semester. Right now I’m in the early brainstorming phase, but I’m looking at journalism credibility and how it’s earned and measured.

I’ll also be working on a redesign of the NSU22 graphics package. I’m going to update the on-air CGs and weather graphics. I hope this will continue to give the newscast a fresh and interesting look.

I’m also going to host a talk show with NSU President Dr. Randy Webb that focuses in on important new programs and innovations at NSU.

Thanks for checking in, I’ll post again soon with commentary on various topics.


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