Video series focuses on preserving our past, protecting our future

Living in Natchitoches, reminders of the city’s rich history are everywhere you go.  From antebellum homes, colonial fort sites, and historical markers, preserving our history is imperative.  Fortunately for Natchitoches, there’s no shortage of those with an interest in preserving the past for future generations.

The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, headquartered on NSU’s campus, provides the country with education, research, and preservation training for historical structures and objects.

The Center is making great strides in the field and are disseminating their research to the general public through new media. The NCPTT utilizes a slew of new media to reach people of all ages. Social networking and other new media are having some very significant implications in modern journalism, so it’s refreshing to see this group pioneer this medium.

I had the privilege of helping to launch a new online newscast dedicated to informing people about developments in the world of preservation training.  You can visit the project’s website at .

Click the video below to see the first episode of the Preservation Today Webcast.


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