Lessons in leadership from Lt. General Russel Honoré

Survival How Being Prepared Can Keep You and Your Family Safe

Lt. General Russel Honoré commanded the U.S. military’s response to the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast in 2005. His leadership style is widely credited with turning around the situation in New Orleans.

Now five years after the devastating storm, I had the opportunity to talk to the decorated general about his new book, Survival: How Being Prepared Can Keep You and Your Family Safe.

The 274-page book outlines the author’s view of why the country needs a culture of preparedness, using hurricanes Katrina and Rita as a case study. Born during a hurricane in 1947, General Honoré life and military experiences make him uniquely qualified to make the case.

Lessons in leadership from Lt. General Russel HonoréHis career as a soldier and military commander have put him face-to-face with natural disasters on numerous occasions. At the end of each chapter, the lessons learned are outlined in detail.

This book gives a fascinating look at General Honoré’s decision-making process before, during, and after the worst natural disaster in American history. This valuable insight should serve of interest to anyone in a position of leadership, whether in a civic role or even within a family.

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