HOSTS: Helping One Student To Succeed

As I prepare to move to Tyler, I’m quickly taking stock of all the people and connections in Lufkin that mean so much to me. The past three years, I’ve had the great privilege of spending one day a week at Brandon Elementary School, working with students who surprisingly have taught me some valuable lessons.

HOSTS Helping One Student To Succeed 2

In 2009, my co-anchor Christel recruited me to volunteer with the H.O.S.T.S. (Helping One Student to Succeed) program, which recognizes that proficient reading skills are the foundation of any education.

Each week, I spent an hour with a third grade student, providing some one-on-one guidance to improve their reading abilities by targeting specific skills. Teachers Peggy Bowser and Rhonda Carroll carefully prepare lesson plans for each student’s specific needs.

The H.O.S.T.S. curriculum focuses on vocabulary development, comprehension skills, and paired oral reading, which exposes students to stronger reading traits. Mentoring also provides the benefit of an adult role model relationship. Mentors give encouragement and celebrate success.

HOSTS Helping One Student To Succeed 3

Reading some of the same stories I enjoyed as a child brought back memories and made me thankful for the emphasis my mother placed on literacy. She would read with me each night before bed and brought me for weekly trips to the public library.

I looked forward to the hugs and smiles from my students each week after seeing their attitudes toward learning change with each session. I know with the guidance of Mrs. Peggy and Mrs. Rhonda, these boys and girls will continue grow and learn.

I’ll miss their friendship and this incredible opportunity to share my love of learning with others.

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