Canton Tower stands tall as China’s modern architectural, engineering feat

As one of China’s three most populous cities, Guangzhou is a significant manufacturing and transportation hub, as well as a popular tourist destination.

The city’s attractions draw more than 100 million visitors each year, many flocking to the Canton Tower.

At 1,969 feet tall, it’s the tallest tower in China and third tallest in the world. It provides a panoramic view of the sprawling metropolis located along the Pearl River.

Tower Facts:

• Construction began in 2005
• Completed in 2009
• Opened ahead of the 2010 Asian Games
• Main observation deck located at 1,601 feet above the ground
• Twisted design consists of 24 columns and 46 rings
• Cost $450 millio


Lane Luckie, a news anchor and reporter for KLTV in Tyler, Texas, is traveling to Asia to explore the current issues related to the important bilateral relationship between the world’s two largest economies, the United States and China. Click here to learn more about his special assignment.

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