Climbing through a boulder field is worth the view from Arkansas’ Pinnacle Mountain

Leave your Carabiners, harnesses, and belay devices at home, because climbing a mountain is possible for beginners in Central Arkansas.

Reaching the summit of Pinnacle Mountain, located northwest of Little Rock, is challenging to the say the least. But little more than sturdy shoes, appropriate clothing, and perhaps a bottle of water is needed to reward yourself with breathtaking views.

Opened as a state park in 1977, the easier West Summit Trail provides a natural playground for any outdoor enthusiast.

The hike from the trail head to the summit will take about two hours as the short route ascends more than 750 feet in elevation through rock outcroppings, boulder fields, lowland forest, and wetlands. 10 numbered trail markers serve as way points along the 1.6 mile round-trip trek. Once the trail reaches a steep ascent through a large boulder field, look for yellow markings painted on the rocks to guide you along the safest and most direct route.

At the summit, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the city of Little Rock, the Ouachita Mountains, the Coastal Plain, and the Delta.

The park closes one hour after sunset so keep that in mind as you set out on the two-hour hike. Be sure to check online for information on peak visiting months to avoid the crowds.

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