Thousands of stunning holiday decorations transform historic hotel lobby into ‘Waldorf Wonderland’

It’s not Christmastime in New Orleans until the lights shimmer in the iconic Roosevelt Hotel.

In a tradition dating back to the 1930s, the historic hotel’s block-long lobby is transformed into the Waldorf Wonderland, an elegant display of holiday decorations that draw crowds of visitors from around the world. Colors of white, red, gold and silver adorn the already stunning room.

In the 2019 holiday season, the décor features an additional 20-thousand lights and nearly double the number of bows and garlands.

  • 44 Christmas trees
  • 135,572 lights
  • 3,328 feet of winter branches
  • 2,200 glass ornaments
  • 698 hand tied bows

The decorations will be on display until January 4, 2020.

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