In search of the mysterious Marfa Lights

Mysterious and unexplained lights have been reported here in the West Texas desert for more than a hundred years.

According to the Texas Historical Commission, the famous Marfa Lights have been theorized as campfires, phosphorescent minerals, swamp gas, or static electricity.

The first recorded sighting was by a rancher in 1883.

Others say it could be plasma from seismic activity in the mountains, St. Elmo’s Fire, or maybe something else.

The phenomena has been the subject of several scientific studies, as well.

There’s a viewing area along U.S. Highway 90, East of Marfa, that draws locals and visitors to peer into the desert landscape each night in search of these mysterious lights.

We spent several hours there, taking in the beautiful sunset, but came up empty-handed. We had no problem spotting the headlights of cars way off toward the mountains. We knew it was exactly what this was, but it was still fun to anticipate the unexpected. We’re told the actual Marfa lights look much different, are visible in a different direction, and are only spotted fewer than a dozen times each year.

Have you ever heard of the Marfa lights or seen them in-person? What do you think is behind the mystery? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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