Baby birds are on the way

I found this nest of sparrow eggs on my patio.

Yesterday morning, as I was on my patio, I decided my hanging fern needed a drink of water. As I was giving the plant a good soaking, I wasn’t expecting to be harassed by a little sparrow taking shelter in the fern.  This cranky bird was making some noise and kept watching me from a distance. I figured I had disturbed the bird’s home.

Upon closer inspection, I found that I had disturbed “Mama Bird’s” home and that she had babies on the way. I carefully peered into the hanging basket and discovered her nest and eggs. I didn’t get too close because I’ve always heard that the birds will leave and not return. I can remember a similar situation with my grandmother, when I was a child. One of her plants was a year-round home to chirping chicks. So what should I do? I want to watch their development, but don’t want to disturb nature’s process? How long will it take for the eggs to hatch? Should I get a birdhouse? Have you had a similar situation? Post your thoughts below.