Fuzzy baby birds are here

After weeks of watching a mother sparrow protect her nest on my patio, the eggs have hatched into fuzzy baby birds.

I wanted to share with you some real signs of spring here in East Texas. About two weeks ago I noticed a bird nest in a plant on my patio.

Every day I’ve checked up on them, making sure they weren’t disturbed. This morning mama bird was keeping warm several little sparrow chicks that hatched overnight.

Hopefully no animals will bother them as they grow larger. I’m wondering if their chirping, when it starts, won’t wake me up in the morning. I’ll continue to post pictures of them as they get bigger. Hopefully mama bird won’t mind.


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  1. marcos ponce says:

    Hi! that picture is amazing! i’d like to see more. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m marcos from Buneos Aires, Argentina. Un beso!


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