No More Pain at the Pump?

A month ago, I was seriously considering taking out a loan to be able to afford filling up my gas tank. I can remember filling up my car in high school for about $1.19. I know gas prices have been much lower than that in my lifetime, but I never honestly expected to see a gallon of gas below 2 dollars again.

The amount of money I spent filling up was simply disgusting. Each week, I kept inching closer to 80 bucks for a full tank. I’d close my eyes and pray that the machine would malfunction and pump a few more drops in for free. Of course I had better chances of winning the lottery, but a guy can dream, right?

In the near-term, lower gas prices is a welcome relief, right? I wonder if the dramatic dip in prices will actually make things worse down the road. Hopefully drivers don’t return to their gas-guzzling habits of the past and submit themselves to the death grip of big oil and foreign influences.

We’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the number of drivers on the road and an equally significant drop in the number of big trucks and SUVs rolling off showroom floors.

Now, I’m not advocating an increase in the price of gas by any means. I’m enjoying being able to drive across town without thinking I might have to sell blood platelets to earn extra cash. I hope that we don’t rush back to the roads, lifting the pressure on auto-makers to produce fuel-efficient cars. Alternative energy efforts should continue to push forward. It’s inevitable that prices will creep back up toward the 4 and 5 dollar mark.

Perhaps by that time our elected officials will do something substantial to curb the amount of politics, both foreign and domestic, that influences prices. It’s about time we seize the opportunity to do something for our future, not squabble over what’s going to get us to the next day.

America needs to focus on the future by making serious investments in alternative energy and working with our friends abroad to make sure everyone benefits.

The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of KTRE/KLTV-TV or Raycom Media.  They are solely the opinion of the author. All content © Copyright 2008 Lane Luckie


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