Finding the time to eat right

Eating right is hard when you’re always on the go. Especially here in Lufkin, dozens of tasty eateries dot the major thoroughfares. I’ve decided that I haven’t been putting into my body what I know it deserves.

Growing up in Louisiana, I’ve become accustomed to great food. However, just because it makes your mouth water doesn’t mean your heart won’t cringe at certain foods. It’s so easy to stop by a fast-food chain or call-in an order at a favorite restaurant. Sharing a meal with friends is an experience I seldom pass up.

I sat down with my bank statement last week and my jaw dropped when I saw that nearly every other purchase was at a fast food chain or local restaurant.  Working in this business doesn’t leave much time to spend preparing a meal at home, or taking time to plan out healthy choices. I’ve promised myself that I will change my eating habits.

While I don’t eat junk foods regularly, I want to feel the psychological benefits of knowing that I am eating healthier. This new goal should be easier to work toward because I already start each day with a bowl of cereal and working out at the gym. The part of my routine that needs some “tweaking” is my ordering out every day for dinner, just because I’m at work in the evening.

My pantry and fridge are filled with snack foods and TV dinners. It just doesn’t seem like there’s enough time in the day to make a meal, especially when it’s just for one person. Maybe one day when I’m married, my wife will have an affinity for cooking and this problem will disappear. Wishful thinking is great, but for now I’m single, with no time and growing tired of eating poorly.

Do you have any ideas? What can I do to eat healthier for dinner, even though I’m at work. Do you have a similar situation? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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  1. Fluff says:

    I think people just need to make time. There’s always time. Sometimes people just need to manage it properly. To be honest, I know a single mom who has four kids and she works 10-12 hours shifts a day but she still manages to home cook food for the entire family everyday. She does it for five people, I’m sure you can for just one.

    Enjoyed the post,


    1. Lane Luckie says:

      Thanks for the response! I agree, if something is a priority… or we have a true desire to accomplish a goal, we make time.


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