Lane Luckie selected to become Fellow for RTDNF German/American exchange

Lane will take part in briefings with top-level German political and media players, meetings with international journalists and with officials at the European Union headquarters and NATO headquarters.

Lane Luckie, a news anchor, producer, and reporter at KLTV in Tyler, Texas has been selected to join a group of 14 producers, reporters, editors, and online journalists from across the country to become Fellows the middle of September during the height of the German election campaign.

It will be the largest group of American broadcast journalists dispatched to Europe in many years as part of the longstanding RTDNF/RIAS partnership, a reflection of the high interest in the German election and program restructuring.

“This will be an unmatched opportunity to learn about the evolving relationship between the U.S. and Europe,” Luckie said. “I’m so fortunate that KLTV is supporting and encouraging my participation in the RIAS exchange, which will certainly help me grow professionally and personally.”

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