Small rose garden in Poland promotes Tyler as ‘Rose Capital of America’

Tyler’s Municipal Rose Garden, the largest in America, is making its mark in a city more than five thousand miles from Texas.

Tyler’s sister city in southwest Poland has established a small flower garden in a city park as a symbol of cooperation between international partner cities.

The modest rose bed in Jelenia Góra is much smaller than the 14-acre park in Tyler that features 38,000 rose bushes.

Signage posted in Polish and English explains Tyler is known as the “Rose Capital of America” and mentions the annual Texas Rose Festival associated with the iconic garden.

The rose bed in Poland is situated alongside more than a dozen others, one for each of Jelenia Góra’s 14 sister cities, in a section of the Kościuszki Hill Park known as the ‘Avenue of Partner Cities.’

According to the Tyler Sister Cities Organization, the planting was completed in June 2021 by a teacher and her students at the Jelenia Góra Natural-Service School.

“As years go by, the students hope to expand the flower beds and are encouraging Tyler and other partners to be a part of the expansion,” a news release stated.

A delegation from Tyler visited the rose bed in Jelenia Góra this week on a sister city visit to deepen ties city and community leaders in Poland.

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