Jimmy Kimmel Live returns to Texas for South By Southwest

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live returned to South By Southwest in Austin for a week of shows.

Austin’s iconic South by Southwest festival has gone from an eclectic festival featuring arts and entertainment to a showcase of innovation and ideas.

Techies, foodies, and celebrities have also found a home at SXSW, including late-night TV comedian Jimmy Kimmel. This year, the funnyman brought Jimmy Kimmel Live back to Austin for a week of shows, March 16-20, 2015.

Joining Jimmy for the 29th annual South By Southwest, an impressive list of A-list guests. Some of the standouts included Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Romo, and Willie Nelson. Continue reading

Inspirational ‘Chef Jeff’ taping national TV show in E. Texas

Lane and Chef Jeff after a live cooking segment on Good Morning East Texas.

Lane and Chef Jeff after a live cooking segment on Good Morning East Texas.

A celebrity chef is visiting kitchens across East Texas this week, tasting the comfort foods that stir-up smiles. Chef Jeff Henderson is taping a new syndicated TV show, ‘Flip My Food,’ which promises to take favorite family recipes and make them better, with fewer calories.

Henderson’s rise to the top took a different path than other celebrated chefs. 18 years ago, he walked out of Federal prison after serving nearly a decade for drug trafficking. From that day, he says his life had a purpose. “I decided I wanted to make something of myself. I wanted to break the cycle of poverty and the cycle of dysfunctional families and I changed my life.”

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Up close: West Texas storm chase intercepts tornado

West Texas Storm Chase 1

The KLTV Mobile StormTracker chase vehicle is equipped with a Davis weather station, National Weather Service radar, wireless high-speed internet, and a half-dozen cameras.

Chasing funnel clouds through the rolling hills of Rusk County to being pummeled with hail on the interstate in Harrison County, the KLTV Mobile StormTracker vehicle has already been put through the gauntlet. Wanting to test some modifications to the camera system on the chase vehicle, Meteorologist Grant Dade and I set out to track storms in West Texas.

Our journey began Thursday, May 23 with live reports on Good Morning East Texas as we drove toward Wichita Falls. Grant and I explained to viewers that the conditions were ripe for development to our west later that afternoon.

After several hours behind the wheel, we came to a stop in an area known as the Caprock, separating the high plains of the Texas panhandle. Watching radar in the vehicle, Grant let me know the chase was on. At more than two-thousand feet in elevation, we found a lookout northeast of Lubbock that was the perfect perch for watching the skies. Almost immediately, a thunderstorm caught Grant’s attention. Winds were whipping as we set up video and still cameras in the vehicle to capture bolts of lightning, flashing in the distance. Continue reading

Storm chase heads straight into path of destructive East Texas tornado

Waskom Tornado 1

The Mobile StormTracker chase vehicle endured a beating from hail & heavy rain before tracking a tornado’s path through Harrison County.

The threat of severe weather was looming and I got the call from KLTV 7 meteorologist Grant Dade that our latest chase was hours away. After filling up the Mobile StormTracker chase vehicle, Grant spent some time checking models, radar and forecast discussions to pinpoint the ideal place to watch storms fire up.

An impressive wall cloud moved through Marshall, signaling the prime time to move east. With his eye on live radar data, Grant warned that we were about to drive into some strong weather along Interstate 20; he was right. In all of our previous chases with me at wheel, this was certainly becoming the most nerve-wracking. Continue reading

KLTV Thanksgiving behind-the-scenes & a collection of recipes

Always a pleasure to have Mama Steph with us on GMET. Here’s her behind-the-scenes look at our Thanksgiving special and her delicious recipes!

In Mama Steph's Kitchen

November has been a lovely, busy month.

Some of the crew along with Grant, Dia, Lane and me. My son Justin is right behind me! He operates a camera on GMET. Some of the crew along with Grant, Dia, Lane and me. My son Justin is right behind me! He operates a camera on GMET.

I was excited to be a part of a special edition of Good Morning East Texas. On November 21,  GMET anchors Dia Wall and Lane Luckie, meteorologist Grant Dade and I brought some of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes and showed them off on-air. We put the recipes online, including my favorite dressing recipe! The dressing recipe is very special; I got it 18 years ago from “MawMaw Pearlie,” a neighbor of mine when my first son, Justin, was an infant. I thought it was going to be so difficult to prepare, but she taught me her secret shortcuts, and now I’m sharing them with you!

I was on the set setting up the food, and Grant was outside frying the turkey with the fire chief! I was on the set setting up the food, and Grant was outside frying…

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Time to rise & shine with Good Morning East Texas

Time to rise & shine with Good Morning East TexasTonight was my final East Texas News at Six broadcast on KTRE. Starting next week, I’ll be embarking on a new adventure, anchoring the Emmy Award-winning Good Morning East Texas on KLTV and KTRE.

This is an opportunity I’m excited about and I hope you will be too!  Moving to Tyler is bittersweet, especially with all the friendships and connections I’ve made in Deep East Texas over the last four-and-a-half years, but this is a tremendous chance to grow professionally and personally.

I sincerely appreciate each of you welcoming us into your homes each night for that standing appointment to have a conversation about what’s happening in our community. Continue reading

Storm watch: Inside the National Weather Service

Inside the Forecast Office at the National Weather Service located in Shreveport, Louisiana.

While the robotic voice announcing emergency alerts over your NOAA weather radio sounds like it couldn’t be further from life, there are actually dozens of real people behind the message who are working to save lives.

I recently got a behind the scenes look at the National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast Office in Shreveport, Louisiana. Local TV meteorologists and other staff from six Ark-La-Tex television stations participated in a workshop to coordinate ways to better serve the public.

We toured their complex, located along the edge of the Shreveport Regional Airport grounds. Also housed on the property, a weather balloon launch and tracking station, as well as the Doppler radar site. In January the radar equipment will be upgraded to a dual polarization radar, providing greater ability to detect and measure hail and other meteorological objects. ‘Dual Pol’ also will bring enhanced resolution and allow meteorologists to more accurately determine where heavy rain is falling at that moment. It will be particularly useful during tornadic weather. Wind measurement will improve, helping identify if a tornado has touched the ground, as well as pick up tornado debris on radar returns. Continue reading

Opinion: Why do women love ‘The Bachelor?’

Maybe this is one of those “it’s a girl thing,” that as a guy, I will never understand. I was amazed tonight by the number of people in the newsroom gathered around the TV to watch the finale of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor.’ I’m guilty of having my own pseudo-obsession with certain shows in the past, but I just don’t understand what draws women to ‘The Bachelor.’

We all know that the guys and girls on the show are going to fuel each drama-filled episode, so why is there any surprise over tonight’s show ending in someone dumped on national TV? I don’t think anyone’s foolish for watching the show; that’s not at all what I’m implying. I knew the show was “Must-See TV” when a my Facebook feed exploded with comments on the outcome. Continue reading

Caring. Committed. Proud.

Caring. Committed. Proud… not your usual “Action News” or “On Your Side” marketing slogan. I’ve recently made a move to KTRE-TV in Lufkin/Nacogdoches, Texas to be the 6 and 10 p.m. anchor and executive producer.

The slogan, which represents this station’s commitment to meaningful news coverage is known throughout the region. Over the years I’ve had the fortune of spending time in or working at several television stations.  Continue reading